We work consciously, using imagination, creativity and insight to help you find the right way forward, whatever your situation or context.



When we think about what we’re doing, change inevitably follows.

At the Conscious Project, our role is to help you think about what you’re doing, whatever context you find yourself in and whatever constraints you face.

Our team is ready to come alongside, listen to you, ask questions, facilitate thinking and support you through change.

We are artisans: we take pride in working with you to craft meaningful and sustainable solutions.

Our core values run deeply and through everything we do:


We think generously, listen generously, and live generously. Whether leading, doing or facilitating, our work is rooted in appreciative inquiry and positive psychology; we believe people realize their potential when they are inspired to be all they can be. We nurture a growth mindset in one another, and those we work with.


We don’t put ourselves on a pedestal or come with one-size-fits-all shiny solutions! We are human, and when it comes to society, we are part of the problem as well as part of the solution. Our work is not about ‘us’ as experts, or reinforcing inequality or vested interest; rather, it is gently disruptive, and about the ‘collective us’ and a connected world. We each have a part to play and our methodologies unlock your own expertise, insight and experience, so that together we can craft the best possible outcomes.


Our approach is to come alongside you, whether virtually or in person, and to join you on your journey. We will listen to your story, and by turn we will play the role of ‘critical friend’, encourager, coach and thinking partner. Our style of coaching is solutions focused, again, anchored in an appreciative approach that enables you to draw on your strengths and experience.


Our resources are often finite, and all the more so when it comes to time and money. We understand the pressure you and your organisation are under to deliver value for money and return on investment. Our role is to help you make the best use of your precious resources, and where you entrust some of them to us then we will ‘steward’ them with the utmost care: transparently and accountably.

What We Do

We have four main areas of work:

Leadership Development

Much of our leadership work is developing leadership behaviours at all levels of an organisation. The programmes we design and deliver typically span over several months and involve self-assessment, residential programmes, virtual and/or face to face coaching, peer support, communities of practice, and often conclude with recognition in the form of certification. Although we are no strangers to the boardroom and working with executive teams, some of our most exciting work is on the frontline with everyday leaders delivering services or facilitating change at a community level. Whether in the C-suite, in a hospital setting in East London, a development organisation in South Asia or a community based organisation in East Africa, we can contextualise our approach and transform leadership capacity.


Our coaching approach is typically on-the-job, and alongside you as ‘coachee’, helping you hold the mirror up to yourself. Our style is to listen intently and ask powerful, constructive questions. Our method references Nancy Kline’s seminal work on the thinking environment, as well as Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence. We try not to be pigeon-holed though, so if you’re looking for a coach with lots of letters after their name we’re probably not right for you. We coach emerging leaders, particularly in healthcare settings, HR leaders and business leaders with strategic or operational responsibilities. We also work closely with a number of independent coaches – so if we’re not right for you we can make a recommendation – and if you are interested in developing your own coaching capacity then you might like to find out more about a new coaching venture we are supporting, the Coaching Story.


We have a unique track record in facilitating groups of all shapes and sizes, and particularly consortia and complex collaborations. Whether facilitating a meeting, an awayday or a retreat, strategy development, strategy implementation, re-organisations or re-structuring, we can support you. Facilitation is both an art and a science – successful facilitation is about the journey as well as the destination (or staging post)! We take a values based approach to facilitation, paying attention to the preparation work and seeking to strengthen the behaviours you want to nurture in your organisation or context. We are comfortable with technology (some would call us geeks) and can facilitate virtually and across time zones; equally we are comfortable with pens, paint and play dough, using walls and floors and our creative capacities. We use video and theatre when appropriate, and for particularly creative situations involving larger numbers of diverse individuals our ‘jamming sessions’ take inspiration from the great jazz musicians!


Management Consulting

Where there is an opportunity to work on changing behaviours or strengthening capacities – as well as delivering your terms of reference and desired outcomes – then we happily apply our expertise to management consulting. We’re definitely not ‘shiny consultants’, preferring instead to work in partnership with you to diagnose the issues you may have, consult on solutions and then provide technical oversight during implementation. A lot of our management consulting ends up crossing over into leadership development, coaching or facilitation, which is fine by us. It’s just a better way of doing consulting – properly aligned to our core values and facilitation expertise!


A social business is an ethical business…

As a social business, we re-invest our profit in the business to increase our capacity and impact. We pay our taxes in the UK where we are registered, or in the country they are due.

Our fees are competitive – we will rarely be the cheapest but we are certainly not the most expensive. Our fees mean we can make an honest living, be generous to those in need, and do our bit to bring about positive change.

Each Director gives away more than 20 days every year, pro bono, to social causes, as well as committing to an ongoing programme of professional development and research.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can support your cause, then get in touch.

When you engage a conscious project consultant you are paying for quality, and you get a bespoke service, tailored to your needs and available resources. If you’re not happy with the service you’ve received, then talk to us and we’ll sort it out.

As a project we look for opportunities to change, develop and grow in partnership with others. Current partnerships include the Future Work Forum and the Coaching Story. If you’d like to explore a partnership with us, get in touch.